Monday, August 22, 2011

I heart Liam.

Aren't I handsome?
Meet Liam, our newest off the track thoroughbred (OTTB)!  To make a long story short, my brother-in-law, Glenn Corbett, found this little gem for me.  Glenn was his jockey in his last two races and thought he was perfect for me given his height (16.2 1/2), gender (gelding), age (4), and temperament (slow and quiet) and of course, his smashing good looks.  Glenn had been looking for years for the right candidate, and Liam fit the bill!  His JC name is Nantachie JoeThis is his racing record and here you can see his last two races (7/29 race 6 and 7/11 race 5).  Glenn called us on the Saturday after his last race and told us to meet the horse in Lexington on Tuesday evening.  Well, OK!  We did!  The picture above is of Nantachie Joe, now Liam, on his first day. 

Liam and Griffy hit it off right away.  Well, more like Griffy was smitten with Liam and Liam could have cared less.

Since he's been at DW's, Liam's had some time off and then started some light ground work and hacking. He also had a mini makeover, although he looked pretty good when I got him. I wanted to get his attention for this picture so I whistled.  His eyes bugged OUT!  Not sure what that's about...maybe his groom whistled to him to settle him down (and now it has the opposite effect?!).

Who whistled at me?
Last Saturday we went to Percy Warner Park to school XC.  I rode Griffy and Hub lunged Liam. They were both total rockstars!  Griffy loved the water so much that he decided to take a quick bath in the water complex. No warning.  Walking around then WET. Goober.  Next time, I will pay closer attention.

I have introduced Liam to lunging and now lunging with the neck stretcher, picking up his right lead, hacking on a long rein, lots of turnout, and yummy Pennfield grain.  He's had his teeth floated and his feet trimmed.  He seems quite happy and well adjusted to his new cushy life!

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