Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Meet Griffy! 
We pick him on on Saturday.  He's a 5 yr old 15.2ish hand Percheron/Quarter Horse.  I started him as a 3 year old and fell in love with him.  He was so quiet and sweet and easy to get along with that I didn't want his owner to take him back home!  He has done some trail riding in the last 2 years but not much else.  He will come to DW's for a while and then may become a lesson horse if he's quiet enough.  I can't wait to start riding him! 

I've been getting up early to ride and have been loving the quiet foggy mornings.  Can you spot my ponies?

LB and Princess, DW's retired horses, are enjoying a morning graze. 

Remember these days?

Now I feel like this (my neice, Noe).
Now the serious stuff...

Riding River today I really started to question whether my confidence is so low from my rocky eventing career with Flo that it is effecting his training.  We've had a stop at our last 3 horse trials.  I know River is green, can be a difficult horse to ride, and I've just moved him up, but I'm worried that I'm not always the leader he needs me to be. I'm looking forward to a whole MONTH of weekend XC schoolings at PWP in August.

 I was having a conversation with Kate H's mom at Champagne Run and she mentioned that she read Overcoming The Fear of Riding after she had a bad fall.  She suggested that every trainer read it, so I ordered it and hope to hash some of MYconfidence issues while giving it a read.  I also heard an excerpt from How Good Riders Get Good about confidence on the Eventing Radio Show so it's also on my reading list. 

Riding Mia, a VERY brave pony, has the potential to help me regain my XC mojo.  We are gearing up for her Novice debut at Kentucky Classique HT.
Amy and Co. aka, Stace and Lauren, have also suggested that I pursue a free lease on an experienced event horse for the same reason.  There are two horses in the works and I'm going to ride one tomorrow after my jump lesson on Mia.  The mare has a long training record and at 19 years old, she might be able to put in another season showing me the ropes :)  Eventually, I really would like a horse that is experienced and sound enough to take me through the big jump from Training to Prelim. 
The kings horses and men be damned, we WILL put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

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